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Engineering Students Win 2015 GM Innovation Challenge

A job well done by these Buckeyes visiting Detroit Metro for a competition. Check it out here.

Renew your dues!

It is time to renew your dues to keep your buckeye membership active. It costs $15 per year and there are three ways to renew:

1. Donate $15 to our scholarship fund by going to our make a gift link and enter fund #641727 in the search area.

2. Print membership form above by clicking Join Now (in the toolbar) and send in $15. Use this if you are new or do not have a PayPal account.

3. Use the PayPal link below.

OSU Alumni Club of Detroit membership - $15 per year. Non OSUAA members will not have access to football tickets.

National Championship Alert in Dallas!

View this Dallas newscast of Bryon and Lisa Wasacz - our Michigan Buckeyes at the National Championship game weekend party!

If you are not already a member of the national OSU Alumni Association, you can click the graphic below to link to their membership page.

Join the OSUAA

A New Year's Greeting from President Drake

Watch this cute slideshow from President Drake and his wife Brenda.

Listen to Urban Meyer's press conference after the Michigan game

Click here to listen to the sound bite.

Football Ticket Exchange/Donation

Each year, our Club provides a Ticket Exchange/Donation service for our members. Once again, Steve Klepchak is the contact.


The club will offer a referral service for those looking to buy OSU home game tickets as well as for those wanting to sell OSU home game tickets (Note, the Michigan game has never been available). Contact Steve at 248 628-4656 or at bux72@yahoo.com Provide your name, telephone number, email address & the home game that you are interested in buying or selling. If there is a buyer or seller, Steve will put you in touch with that person. Transactions are between the two parties.


If you are interested in donating a pair of tickets for a significant home game that the Club can place in an auction package or raffle for the Scholarship program, the Club will gladly accept and provide you with a donation form indicating the value of your donation toward the Scholarship Fund. Please provide donated tickets in a timely manner so there is sufficient time for the Club to auction off a package to Club members.

Amazing Tori Boggs Jump Roper

Check out Ohio State student Tori Boggs jump rope! She has won the world jump rope championship nine times! And she is an Honors Industrial Design student at OSU. These are two videos that went viral on the web. Enjoy! video 1 and video 2.

Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3

Despite the rain and flooding at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Venturi Buckeye Bullet team keeps moving forward. Check out this story here. More photos can be found here.

New Michigan License Plate

Jen and Chris wanted to share this photo of their new license plate signed by Urban Meyer.

Inspiring Work/Life Article

Check out this inspiring article on work/life balance.

Mentoring Program

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a Mentoring program for club members, families and students. Senior club members will mentor and/or coach interested persons in the following: Career Planning and Development Job Search Strategy Networking Job Performance If you are interested, please call or email David Emerling 248-732-7244 or emerling.4@osu.edu) or Jim Vanderbrink (248-879-8870, jev1967@wowway.com).

A day at the game with Shelly Meyer.

The Ohio State University needs your support. Give to Ohio State by clicking this link.

Catch up and read about OSU by clicking the link The Nutshell

Decorate your PC in the Buckeye Spirit!

Download FREE computer wallpaper and music from The Ohio State University web site to use on your PC.

Click here for images from all around the campus.

Click here for music, courtesy of the marching band.

President Larry Emerling
Click here to email Larry

Read our 2015 Newsletter

Click the newsletter link to find out about the latest on our club.

Engineering Meet and Greet

The College of Engineering Dean David Williams will be in Detroit and is hosting an engineering Meet and Greet. Location is TBD; however, time will be at 6pm.

Detroit Tigers Diversity Event

Join us for a Tigers vs. Indians baseball game on June 13th. We have a special day in Detroit planned this summer. The Indians will be in town to play the Tigers in what will sure to be a very important series. With a 4:08 first pitch, we thought close-by Mexicantown would be a perfect place to experience the city of Detroit and learn about other cultures which makes where we live so spectacular. Baseball tickets are $35, tailgate details are TBD depending on how many plan to attend. Please contact Larry Emerling to reserve a baseball ticket and/or put your name on the tailgate list.

Annual Wolverine Roast

Our Annual Wolverine Roast is a Buckeye send off picnic for kids heading back to Columbus. This year the event is on August 2nd. Please contact Michelle for more details.

The Great Debate

This yearly event is where Buckeyes and Wolverines meet on neutral ground to debate who has the best team/school. It will be on November 24th this year. Please email Michelle for further information.

Social Networking

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If you are a Facebook user, please check out the club's Facebook page by clicking the button below. While you are there, you can view photos and updates about the club.

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